Poetry Essay Sentence Starters

The following sample essay is written as a response to the children's fairytale Little Red Riding Hood. See how the writer has taken the simple idea of the story and applied it to her own situation as a college student:

Summary: The main idea of Little Red Riding Hood is that you shouldn't believe that you can take shortcuts to get to where you need to go. The most important part of the story is when Little Red Riding Hood decides to disobey her mother and talk to the wolf. The conclusion was satisfying because the wolf gets his just rewards and everyone lives happily ever after (does Little Red marry the woodsman who rescues her grandma? I hope so!).

Personal Reaction: I really like this story because it reminds me of when my grandmother read it aloud to me and acted out all the parts. When I read about how Little Red gets fooled by the wolf I get upset because I think about how she shouldn't be so stupid. I mean really, "What big teeth you have?" How silly is she? Yet I think this story has a deeper meaning for young girls because I think that many of us are rather innocent and unsuspecting, just like Little Red. I think that this story was probably originally written to teach girls to be cautious around men who might want to hurt them.

Connecting to Own Experience: Re-reading this story, I was reminded of the many stories recently about sexual abuse on college campuses. I wonder if today's women need to have a modern Little Red Riding Hood story for their situation. For example, they need a story that tells them how to watch out for the signs they could be headed for trouble. They need a story that warns them not to stop and spend time with men that might be out to harm them. Today's young women can be eaten alive by the wolves if they don't watch out and I'm afraid that even if there is a woodsman to rescue them, they won't jump out of the belly of the wolf whole and sound. Little Red Riding Hood may be a children's story from long ago, but I think we need an update to teach us that same lesson today.

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