Beer Production Research Paper

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  • Review of The Chemistry of Beer

    Journal of Chemical Education

    Buntrock and Bolton

    201491 (10), pp 1511–1512

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  • The Chemistry of Beer Instability

    Journal of Chemical Education


    200481 (7), p 963

    Abstract: Compared to most other alcoholic beverages, beer is unique because it is unstable when in the final package. This instability can be divided into biological and nonbiological instability. Nonbiological stability of beer involves a wide range of chemical ...

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  • Mechanism of Alcoholic Fermentation.1 The Fermentation of Glucose-1-C14

    Journal of the American Chemical Society

    Koshland, Westheimer

    195072 (8), pp 3383–3388

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  • Agave Juice, Fermentation and Chemical Composition Studies of Some Species

    Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

    Sanchez-Marroquin, Hope

    19531 (3), pp 246–249

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  • A teaching model for alcoholic fermentation

    Journal of Chemical Education


    196441 (1), p 46

    Abstract: A functioning model of the steps of fermentation was developed for teaching purposes to facilitate the understanding of the sequence of alcoholic fermentation reactions.

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  • 2,4-D, Mechanisms of Action

    Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry


    19531 (3), pp 250–254

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